Hostel Facility

The houses of residences are in 2 stages separately for boys and girls. At each stage the children go through leadership programmes appropriate to their age group. These houses are the centers for service and character building. Each living space for boys and girls is equipped with small facilities for use as clubs for indoor table games, provision for the presence of electronic and print media so as to keep the children informed of the events around the world. There is supervised film viewing. Each club is also being equipped with its own library- leading to activities like book reviews, dialogues, debates, panel discussions for controversial events. A lot of our teaching of learning is based on current events being linked to the mainstream syllabus.

In keeping with the mission the foundations of our schools will be based on Honesty, service and compassion, Humility, tolerance and values that are common to all people. The school shall prepare the children to face the challenges of the 21 development, physical, social, emotional and moral development. As against a 6 hour school the day school and the residential school; the children are under the pastoral care of the house staff for another 4 hours. During this time the children learn to grow as men and women. st century and to grow in the areas of intellectual.

We have a simple but state of the art residential accommodation separate for boys and girls. The dorms are well ventilated and airy. A proper place for their clothes, for shoes, and to dry their wet clothes, towels provided. The baths have solar hot water systems. We have already started providing washing machines for children to handle their small clothes. The children are learning to do a lot of work themselves.

Prefectorial and monitorial responsibilities from the early age help develop team building and leadership qualities. Emphasis at the school is on setting examples of good conduct and correct attitudes rather than dictatorial discipline.